The Dimension of Spirituality engages the energy of the Third Eye Chakra.



The Third Eye Chakra is located above the brow, between the two physical eyes. The indigo color mixes the blue of the Throat Chakra and the purple of the Crown Chakra. Deep knowing through inner sight helps to connect us to our Higher Source. The third eye chakra encourages us to trust a higher truth, as is the case with the Dimension of Spirituality. This way of communicating through symbols, archetypes, dreams and energy is a different language. As eyes are the window to the soul, the third eye is the window to eternal wisdom – that which is within each of us.

When we open to the mystical, we open to the connected source of infinite wisdom. Spirit (God, Angels, etc.) does not communicate with words but has its own language. It’s up to us to deepen this Dimension of Spirituality, to allow communication and inner growth. ~ 7 Dimensions of the Sacred Self ~



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