I currently offer several healing modalities:

imagesfeelingsheartINTUITIVE REIKI SESSION – $95.00 – 1 hr

This session involves Reiki with bilateral stimulation, which calms the brain stem and central nervous system. Nearing the end of the session, I give you a reading based on what I am given during the energy healing. I let your chakras do the talking as these are the windows to your soul.


Bilateral stimulation has been scientifically proven to calm the brain stem, thus healing the central nervous system. I incorporate this into a classic reiki healing session for rapid relaxation.

SPIRIT ART READINGS – 95.00 – 1 hr

This unique way to communicate with your loved ones involves channeled portraits of them as they connect with their messages of love.


An auragraph is an artistic representation of your soul’s journey; Past/Present/Future. Auragraphs incorporates the use of color, form, symbols and other interpretations to help guide you. Auragraphs are intended to help deepen the walk along your soul’s journey on this earth and lead you to a more meaningful, healthier life. After the session, you will have an artistic keepsake that you can hang if you so choose.

7 DIMENSIONS HEALING (8 weekly coaching sessions) – 2,000.00 – 90 mins each

Based on the 7 Dimensions of Self – Body, Mind, Emotions, Intuition, Creativity, Spirituality  & Empathy –  these weekly sessions span over the course of 8 weeks and are 90 minutes in length. You will be introduced to multiple concepts and healing modalities that you will then do as “homework” in between sessions. At the end of the course, you will be changed, your frequency will burn higher and life will move in the unique way your soul river is supposed to flow.

If you are interested in scheduling a session call 205-531-4770. My practice is at PhBalance Studios, 3325 Rocky Ridge Rd., Suite 213, Vestavia Hills, AL, 35243. **I do not work these modalities with current or past traditional therapy clients and if I work with you in these healing modalities, I cannot take you on as a traditional therapy client.**

**Art shown is from past readings.