The Dimension of Intuition engages the energy of the Heart Chakra.



This chakra is the great equalizer that manages through love and truth. The Heart Chakra, like the Dimension of Intuition, is strong and makes room for complexity and nuance. When this chakra is balanced, you can’t go wrong. You’ll intuitively lead with generosity and kindness. The world will be a better place. The Heart Chakra brings you to non-judgment. You’ll find a connection with others that’s sincere, warm and generous.

The Heart Chakra is located between Emotion (yellow) and Creativity (blue chakra). Yellow and blue make green. Green is the color of growth, rejuvenation and depth. When we take in information through our Heart Chakra, we see the world through a lens of kindness and love. This leads us to a deeper connection and caring of Self. When we experience Self love as deep, unconditional acceptance and not egoic absorption, we’re able to extend this outward and feel genuineness for others. ~ 7 Dimensions of the Sacred Self ~


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