The Dimension of Body engages the energy of the Root Chakra.



The Root, or Base, Chakra sits just above the pelvic bone. It represents our physical existence on the earth plane, as does the first Dimension of Body. The color of the Root Chakra is red, a very charged and active color.

Roots are what ground trees and plants so they have the stability to grow. Roots seek out and draw nourishment to sustain life. A tree will eventually topple if its roots are not deep. It will die without proper water and minerals. This is a perfect analogy for how the root chakra and the Dimension of Body serves us. This chakra grounds us not only to our physical force but to the energy of Earth.

The Root Chakra’s essence is survival and balance. If we do not have psychological balance, we cannot provide for ourselves in ways that sustain our growth. This chakra and the corresponding Dimension of Body indicates physical strength, an intense need to survive through nourishment and water, creative ways of protecting the self, a connection to the earth and basic elimination needs. ~ 7 Dimensions of the Sacred Self ~


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