The Dimension of Mind engages the energy of the Sacral Chakra.



The color of the Sacral Chakra is orange and sits on the mid-belly near the navel. The Sacral Chakra, like the Dimension of Mind, negotiates our way of being in the world. When in balance, this chakra carries a creative variety that helps us map out a lifestyle of productivity and diverse interaction with others. This chakra is the manager of love, lust, connection, interpretation of our basic senses.

Combining the colors of yellow and red give you orange (yellow being the next chakra up from the Sacral Chakra). Orange is a vigorous, brilliant color. This chakra represents connection with others through pleasure, sexuality, empathy. It’s the chakra associated with the manifestation of personal power, charisma, flow of thoughts and needs.

When this chakra’s energy is in balance, the focus becomes one of self-growth and acceptance our pleasurable needs. We treat our bodies with kindness and don’t put unreasonable expectations on others. We know our personal power and use it for the good of self and others. We respect the personal boundaries of others and are able to set boundaries. ~ 7 Dimensions of the Sacred Self ~


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