7 Dimensions Healing



Art- Deborah Koff-Chapin

Let me explain a little of what this site is and does, as – like us – it is ever evolving.

7 Dimensions of the Sacred Self (7DimensionsHealing.com) blends two of the most important aspects that I believe help make us fully human; the spiritual and the psychological. We cannot hone one without the other or we are unbalanced. As a licensed therapist and an energy/intuitive healer, I wholly live this philosphy. In short, we need our feet firmly planted on the ground while we reach high for the heavens!

The 7 Dimensions I refer to on this site are our chakras. Each represents an aspect of self. If we are able to manage those aspects, then we live in harmony. Just like when we lose one of our five senses, another becomes heightened, this happens to our energy centers. But, unlike our visceral senses, we don’t have to operate permanently unbalanced in our energy core.

This site incorporates a page that describes each of these dimensions (chakras) as I see them in our lives. There is also a blog that discusses insights into increasing awareness in the realm of psychological functioning. I list some of my services but this is specifically for those who live close to me in Birmingham, Alabama. I will soon do phone readings but I’m not set up for that now.

Lastly, this site reflects my work in progress, 7 Dimensions of the Sacred Self, which is a book and workbook that is not yet in print. Feel free to leave me feedback and if I ever get technologically adept enough, I will find a way to post them and respond. I hope the information on this site brings you comfort, help and peace. Namaste.



Cheryl is the author of 7 Dimensions of the Sacred Self. She is an Usui Reiki Master and teacher, intuitive medium, artist and writer.  She is passionate about balancing Mind, Body and Spirit and believes the chakras are the receivers and transmitters of our soul. As an intuitive, Cheryl has training in mediumship, inspirational writing, and spirit art. She has trained with some of the best in this field, including Joseph Shiel, Susan Barnes, Judith Rochester and Elaine Thomas.

In her “day job” she is a Master’s level Licensed therapist in private practice, and works extensively with trauma. She is certified in EMDR, works from a Mindfulness perspective and incorporates visualization and various mind/body grounding techniques. A former broadcast journalist, Cheryl  believes in the use of writing and journaling as part of the constant, never-ending process of self discovery.


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